Year-Round Revenue for Professional Tax Preparers

CrossLink Health Care has partnered with Call a Doctor Plus (CADRPlus) to provide Professional Tax Preparers with a best-in-class health care service that can generate year-round revenue – and increase profits during tax season!

Why offer CADRPlus
to your taxpayer clients?

Revenue. Pure and simple. Tax preparers have the opportunity to significantly increase in-season revenue as well as create a vehicle to generate income year-round – all while providing tax clients with an affordable health care solution that can save them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

Drive Tax Office Revenue
How many returns do you do?
Your Revenue Opportunity
with CADRPlus
% of Tax Returns
Potential Revenue
100% Integrated with CrossLink Professional
Tax Software®

You process a lot of tax returns in a short amount of time during tax season and your ability to offer ancillary services such as CADRPlus to your clients is dependent upon the speed and ease with which you can do so. We understand this and have integrated the ability to offer CADRPlus into CrossLink Professional Tax Software while keeping keystrokes to a minimum so you can move on to your next return as quickly as possible – all while earning additional revenue!

CADRPlus Portal

With the CADRPlus Portal, you can offer CADRPlus year-round to your clients via an online ordering system where they can register for a monthly subscription. This portal allows you to offer CADRPlus 365 days a year to all of your clients – whether they are taxpayers or not!

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